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How important is organic food to us?
Dec 17, 2018

When people pay more and more attention to the safety of the table, "healthy eating" has undoubtedly become a fashion diet, so organic food has gradually entered the line of sight of everyone.In most people's minds, the mere mention of the word "organic" gives the impression of "expensive" and "healthy".

The idea that organic is healthy is just plain common sense, but how important is organic food?

First, let me explain the definition of organic food. Organic food is the international unified definition of pollution-free natural food.

In the production and processing of organic food, the use of synthetic substances such as pesticides, fertilizers and hormones is absolutely prohibited, and the use of genetic engineering technology is not allowed.Organic food and ordinary food, one of the most obvious advantages is: absolutely no pesticides!

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1) Healthier

Studies show that organic products contain more iron, magnesium, calcium and other trace elements and vitamin C, while heavy metals and carcinogenic nitrate content is lower.

2) Restore the original taste of food

Organic food advocates to ensure the natural taste of food, in the production and cultivation process without adding extra chemical ingredients.

3) Protect soil and water

Soil is the most important factor for planting crops, but now soil is deteriorating due to pollution.Organic crops have very strict requirements on soil, and the protection measures for soil quality are to maintain soil vitality and trace elements in the soil.So organic foods are often used to protect soil and water in a different way.

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