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Five Reasons For Eating Organic Dried Goji Berry (2)
Oct 16, 2018

Organic Dried Goji Berry

3. Nourishing the liver and improving eyesight.

Organic dried goji berry has protective effect on experimental liver injury, it can reduce serum alanine aminotransferase, and promote the repair of liver injury. In addition, organic dried goji berry could inhibit fat deposition in hepatocytes and promote hepatocyte regeneration.

4. Improve immunity.

Organic dried goji berry can improve the immunity of the body, and it has the effect of Invigorating Qi and strengthening essence, nourishing liver and kidney, anti-aging, anti-thirst, warming the body and anti-tumor. In addition, organic dried goji berry can reduce blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar. And it can prevent atherosclerosis, protect the liver, inhibit fatty liver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells.

5. Improve sleep quality.

Organic dried goji berry is suitable for eating throughout the year. Regular drinking can improve physical fitness. It can alleviate sleep problems such as poor sleep quality and difficulty in falling asleep, and it is beneficial to improving sleep quality. 

organic dried goji berry