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Organic Beet Root Powder
Aug 31, 2018

Organic Beet Root Powder

Beet root is mainly used to extract granulated sugar. Modern scientific studies have shown that radishes are not only rich in nutrition but also highly medicinal, but this is the first time that beetroot has been found to increase endurance. And organic beet root powder have a huge impact on the human body, particularly in high-exercise athletes and frail elderly people. Organic beet root powder is high in nutritional value.

Here are the benefits of eating organic beet root powder.

1. Improve immunity;

2. Lipid-lowering and blood pressure-lowering: organic beet root powder contains more vitamin C. It often eaten to prevent atherosclerosis or some cardiovascular diseases. Orgnic beet root powder's content of potassium is quite high but the content of sodium is very low, which is very beneficial to patients with hypertension

3. Prevent anemia: organic beet root powder contains rich folic acid and iron, which can prevent anemia.

4. Prevention of thyroid enlargement (iodine);

5. To help digestion, swelling and improve constipation;

6. Liver-nourishing and liver-protecting: organic beet root powder is rich in vitamins, which can protect liver cells from toxin damage , promote liver-qi circulation and relieve liver depression.

7. Promote bone development and improve osteoporosis (calcium);

8. Prevent cancer(selenium).

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