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Organic Fruit & Vegetable Powder

YT Biochem supply both freeze dried and spray dried varieties of natural fruits and vegetables powders. Our organic fruit and vegetable powder can be used as additives, supplements and ingredients to bring color, flavor and nutrition to consumer goods, health and wellness products and beverages.
  • Potato Powder

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    Potato Powder

    1. Potato is a very good food with high potassium and low sodium.
    2. It is very suitable for people with edema and obesity, and its potassium content is abundant-almost the highest in vegetables, so it also has the effect of lean legs.
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  • Tomato Powder

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    Tomato Powder

    1. Tomato, known as tomatoes, are rich in nutrients and attractive in appearance. They are both delicious in dishes and fruits.
    2. They have many functions and are called magical fruits in dishes.
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  • Orange Powder

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    Orange Powder

    1. Orange (scientific name: Citrus sinensis English: orange), is the fruit of the citrus tree of Rutaceae, also known as yellow fruit, citrus, golden ring, salix.
    2. Orange is a kind of citrus fruit with high edible and medicinal value.
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  • Freeze Dried Banana Powder

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    Freeze Dried Banana Powder

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free Freeze Dried Banana Powder
    2.Banana Powder comes from 100% pure Banana
    3.Banana aids in digestion, provides energy and contains various nutrient elements for human body
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  • Purple Sweet Potato Powder

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    Purple Sweet Potato Powder

    1. Purple potato is rich in nutrition and has special health function;
    2. Among them, protein and amino acids are easily digested and absorbed by human body.
    3. Vitamin A can improve visual acuity and skin mucosal epithelial cells.
    4. Vitamin C can...
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  • Strawberry Powder

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    Strawberry Powder

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free Freeze Dried Organic Strawberry Powder
    2.Strawberry is known as the Queen of Fruits
    3.Improve constipation, protect eyesight and beauty skin
    4.Strawberry Powder comes from 100% pure Strawberry Fruit
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  • Freeze Dried Apple Powder/Chips

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    Freeze Dried Apple Powder/Chips

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free Freeze Dried Organic Apple Powder
    2.Apple Powder comes from 100% pure Apple Fruit
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  • Apple Chips

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    Apple Chips

    1, Low Temperature Vacuum Fried Apple Chips
    2, Natural taste, crispy and nutritious, no artificial color and preservative.
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  • Mango Powder

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    Mango Powder

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free Freeze Dried Mango Powder
    2.Rich in vitamin A and vitamin C
    3.Mango Powder comes from 100% pure Mango Fruit
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  • Organic Beet Root Juice Powder

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    Organic Beet Root Juice Powder

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free Spray Dried Beet Root Juice Powder
    2.Our beet root juice powder comes from 100% pure beet root
    3.It is often used as both sweetening and colouring substitute for a variety of foods
    4.Rich in suger, Iron, Calcium and micro...
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  • Powder Lemon

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    Powder Lemon

    1, Lemon powder is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carbohydrates, citric acid, etc..
    2, Lemon flat cold, sour,, heat appetizers, effect, can help digestion, clean stomach, promote appetite. It retains the nutrition and flavor of...
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  • Organic Grarlic Granular

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    Organic Grarlic Granular

    1, About two thousand years ago, garlic was brought into China from West Asia and now outputs of Chinese garlic share about 70% markets and 60% planting base on the world.
    2, Chinese garlic was famous as high allicin and good quality. Garlic was not only your...
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