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Organic Fruit & Vegetable Powder

YT Biochem supply both freeze dried and spray dried varieties of natural fruits and vegetables powders. Our organic fruit and vegetable powder can be used as additives, supplements and ingredients to bring color, flavor and nutrition to consumer goods, health and wellness products and beverages.
  • Noni Fruit

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    Noni Fruit

    1.100% pure raw Dehydrated Certified organic noni powder
    2.Natural antioxidant
    3.As the queen of health plants
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  • Natural Organic Goji Berry Powder

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    Natural Organic Goji Berry Powder

    1)Goji berry powder, using ningxia natural Goji berry after low-temperature baking curing, beating powder processing,Goji berry into powder not only will not affect the effect, but can increase absorption, promote digestion. 2)It contains carotene, betaine, vitamin A,... Read More

  • Organic Garlic

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    Organic Garlic

    1.Beneficial for digestion system
    2.Mainly used as a flavoring agents
    3.Known as the most antibacterial agents in natural plants
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  • Natural BlackBerry Extract Powder

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    Natural BlackBerry Extract Powder

    Blackberry, also called dewberry, country of origin in North America, belongs to the rosaceae raspberries perennial liana, begin from two thousand years ago in ancient Greece, has formed by the wild locals have the custom of the Blackberry, the representative of the world by... Read More

  • Nature Pomegranate Juice Powder

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    Nature Pomegranate Juice Powder

    Pomegranate is a berry, rich in nutrients, vitamin C than apple, pear one to two times higher.Pomegranate mature, the whole body can be used, the peel can be used as medicine, the fruit can be eaten or pressed juice, for the elderly health has a high nutritional... Read More

  • Organic Passion Fruit Juice Powder

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    Organic Passion Fruit Juice Powder

    1, Passion fruit powder adds a yummy tropical sweet and sour flavour to smoothies.
    2, In addition to being very tasty, Passion Fruit offers many vital nutrients along with vitamins A and C, as well as a good source of potassium.
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  • Nature Kiwi Juice Concentrate Powder

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    Nature Kiwi Juice Concentrate Powder

    1)Kiwi fruit is rich in minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, but also contains carotene and a variety of vitamins, has an important role in maintaining human health.
    2)Drink a cup of kiwi powder after a meal to combat stomach weakness.
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  • Nature Apple Juice Concentrate Powder

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    Nature Apple Juice Concentrate Powder

    1)Apples are rich in sugar, protein, fat, vitamin C, pectin, tannic acid, organic acid and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other minerals.
    2)Apple powder can be used in many fields of food processing, which is helpful to improve the nutritional composition,...
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  • Blueberry Freeze Dried Powder

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    Blueberry Freeze Dried Powder

    1)Blueberry flesh delicate, unique flavor, sweet and sour moderate, and has a pleasant aroma.Blueberries are rich in regular nutrients such as protein and vitamins, as well as minerals and trace elements.
    2)Blueberry is a kind of very high nutritional value of fruit...
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  • Kale Powder

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    Kale Powder

    1. High in vitamins and calcium.
    2. Protect eyesight.
    3. Lose weight.
    4. Anti-cancer.
    5. Prevent constipation.
    6. Certified by NOP and EU organic certificates.
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  • Orange Juice Powder

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    Orange Juice Powder

    1, Orange has a local characteristics of tropical orange crops. Its characteristics are: fruit large, thin skin, juicy, high content of selenium, sweet and sour, especially palatable.
    2, our Orange Powder is selected from Shaanxi fresh orange made by the world's most...
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  • Organic Orange Powder

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    Organic Orange Powder

    Orange is a very delicious fruit, its taste sour sweet, can promote our appetite, and eating orange can bring us a lot of benefits Read More

YT Biochem is one of the best fruit & vegetable powder supplier. We now have fruit & vegetable powder for sale, welcome to buy our bulk natural products at reasonable price as it can provide you with health benefits.