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Organic Fruit & Vegetable Powder

YT Biochem supply both freeze dried and spray dried varieties of natural fruits and vegetables powders. Our organic fruit and vegetable powder can be used as additives, supplements and ingredients to bring color, flavor and nutrition to consumer goods, health and wellness products and beverages.
  • Organic Grape Juice Powder

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    Organic Grape Juice Powder

    1, red grape juice powderis prepared from the fruit of Vitis vinifera L.The grapes are grape not only delicious, but also very nutritious.
    2, Ripe berries in the grape sugar content as high as 10% -30%, mainly glucose. Grapes in a variety of acid to help digesti red...
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  • Organic Elderberry Powder

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    Organic Elderberry Powder

    1, Elderberry powder is derived from the fruit of the Sambucus nigra or Black Elderberry.
    2, As a part of a long tradition of herbal remedies and traditional folk medicines, the Elderberry tree is called "the medicine chest of the common people".
    3, Its...
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  • Broccoli Powder Organic

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    Broccoli Powder Organic

    1.Product name: AD Dehydrated Broccoli Powder.
    2.Origin: China.
    3.Certificate: NOP & EU Organic Certificates.
    4.Shelf life: 24 Months.
    5.In stock: Yes.
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  • Sea Buckthorn Plant

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    Sea Buckthorn Plant

    1.Organic, Non-GMO, Powder
    2.The king of Vitamin C
    3.Applied to food industry and pharmaceutical
    4.Cough stopping,phlegm - dissipating,and promoting digestion and blood circulation
    5.lower cholesterol and prevents coronary atherosclerotic heart disease
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  • Organic Banana Powder

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    Organic Banana Powder

    Our factory could offer organic and conbentional banana powder without any addition, welcome to reach us ! Read More

  • Organic Freeze Dried Cranberry Powder

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    Organic Freeze Dried Cranberry Powder

    1, Our company product cranberry powder use high-quality Cranberry as raw material, using the most advanced freeze drying processing technology so can maintain maximum flavor of the Cranberry, It contains a variety of vitamins and acids.
    2, The powder is dark purple...
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  • Freeze Dried Pumpkin Powder

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    Freeze Dried Pumpkin Powder

    1.Rich in nutritions.
    2.Low fat.
    4.Lose weight.
    5.Lower blood sugar.
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  • Goji Powder

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    Goji Powder

    1. Lycium barbarum powder is made from Ningxia natural Lycium barbarum by baking at low temperature and beating.
    2. Goji powder will not affect the effect, but can increase absorption and promote digestion.
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  • Organic Cranberry powder

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    Organic Cranberry powder

    1.Natural antibacterial health care fruit
    2.Organic, Non GMO
    3.Applied to food flavoring and pharmaceutical
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  • Organic Blueberry Powder

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    Organic Blueberry Powder

    1, Blueberry powder is selected as the raw material of domestic pollution-free blueberry, the use of vacuum freeze-drying technology, low temperature physical crushing technology, instant smash.
    2, Keep all kinds of blueberry nutrition and health care ingredients and...
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  • Organic Red Bell Pepper Powder

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    Organic Red Bell Pepper Powder

    1, Bell pepper, also known as sweet pepper, is one of the most commonly employed chili peppers in the Capsicum annum family. Sweet peppers are fruit pods on the capsicum plant grown for their subtle hotness yet sweet, the delicate peppery flavor they extend to the recipes. Read More

  • Onion Powder

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    Onion Powder

    1, onion powder, also called Onion that is a term used for many plants in the genus Allium. it usually refers to Allium cepa.
    2, Allium cepa is also known as the "garden onion" or "bulb" onion. Onion is grown underground by the plant as a vertical shoot that is used for...
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YT Biochem is one of the best fruit & vegetable powder supplier. We now have fruit & vegetable powder for sale, welcome to buy our bulk natural products at reasonable price as it can provide you with health benefits.