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Organic Herbs Straight Powders & Extracts

YT Biochem’s supply both herbs straight powders and herbs extracts by using wild collected plants (all or part of the plants) as raw material. Our organic herb extract powder can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, health industry, beauty industry and other industries. Our products mainly include organic dandelion root, maca root, turmeric, reishi mushroom, astragalus root, gingko biloba, green tea, ginseng, goji berry, ginger, pomegranate, red yeast rice and so on.
  • Organic Rosehips Extract Powder

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    Organic Rosehips Extract Powder

    1, Rose hip is the fruit that develops from theblossoms of the wild rose plant.
    2, A commoningredient in herbal teas, rose hip is alsoavailable in supplement and powdered form.Rose hip contains a number of antioxidants,including vitamin C, vitamin E,...
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  • Organic Ginger Root Powder

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    Organic Ginger Root Powder

    1. Ginger root powder is a kind of powder, the main material is ginger;
    2. Ginger root powder ingredients: contains spicy and aromatic ingredients;
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  • Organic Dandelion Root Powder

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    Organic Dandelion Root Powder

    1. Latin scientific name: Taraxacum mongolicum Hand. -Mazz.,belongs to Compositae;
    2.Dandelion is a perennial herb;
    3. Head-like inflorescence with white corolla on the seeds, flowering to new places to breed new life after blooming.
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  • Organic Rhodiola Root

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    Organic Rhodiola Root

    1, Rhodiola comprises several species of plants in the Crassulacea family and is generally found in the arctic mountain regions of Siberia.
    2, The root of the plant is used medicinally and is also known as "Arctic root" or "Golden root" and more recently as...
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  • Organic Red Yeast Rice Powder

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    Organic Red Yeast Rice Powder

    1, Red yeast rice powder has been used in China for centuries as both a food and as a medicinal substance.
    2, It is made by fermenting a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus over red rice. In Chinese medicine, Monascus purpureus is used to promote blood...
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  • Cat's Claw Extract

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    Cat's Claw Extract

    1. Combat bacteria
    2. Anti-inflammation and detumescence.
    3. Origin: China.
    4. Shelf Life: 24 months.
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  • Organic Natural Turmeric Curcumin Extract Powder

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    Organic Natural Turmeric Curcumin Extract Powder

    1)Turmeric powder is made from the dried rhizome of turmeric plant. It is used as seasoning and yellow colorant. It is a common seasoning used in home, used in curry powder, seasoning and so on. 2)Non-GMO, gluten free,organic certification Chlorella Powder. Read More

  • Organic Red Ginseng Entire Roots

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    Organic Red Ginseng Entire Roots

    1, Red ginseng is ginseng cooked supplies, the processing method is through soaking, cleaning, sorting, steaming, drying, drying and other processes.
    2, Red ginseng in the steaming process, because of heat treatment will occur chemical reaction, component changes. Read More

  • Organic Perilla Leaf Extract Powder

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    Organic Perilla Leaf Extract Powder

    1, Perilla is edible and medicinal. The leaves have a very pleasant sweet taste and are used as a spice, cooked as potherbs or fried, and combined with fish, rice, vegetables and soups.
    2, Perilla Extract is also chopped and combined with gingerroot, then added to...
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  • Organic Chinese Dong Quai Root(extract Powder)

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    Organic Chinese Dong Quai Root(extract Powder)

    Chinese dong quai root(Angelica sinensis) is more commonly used herbs, whether it is water bubble or cooking medicinal meals, angelica for the health of the body have greater benefits. Read More

  • Milk Thistle Extract Standardized To 80% Silymarin Marianum Powder

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    Milk Thistle Extract Standardized To 80% Silymarin Marianum Powder

    1. Silybum marianum G. dried fruit was used as raw material for extracting silybum;
    2. Commodity extracts are usually standardized to contain 80% of total silymarin;
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  • Evening Primrose Extract

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    Evening Primrose Extract

    1. Evening Primrose extract is made from Evening Primrose;
    2. The main components of evening primrose extract: palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, Y-linolenic acid and trace magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin C, E, B6, B5, etc;
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YT Biochem is one of the best herbs straight powders & extracts supplier. We now have herbs straight powders & extracts for sale, welcome to buy our bulk natural products at reasonable price as it can provide you with health benefits.