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Organic Seeds

Our organic seeds, including organic white quinoa, organic hulled hemp seeds, organic raw buckwheat,organic flax seeds,organic pumpkin seeds, organic snow white pumpkin seeds and so on. Welcome to visit our factory at any time if you are interested. Now-try to check our details, and find your interested products here:
  • Organic Whole Hemp Seeds

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    Organic Whole Hemp Seeds

    1. Hemp seed, also known as hemp seed, is the fruit of hemp.
    2. It is also an oil crop, the size of sorghum grains (smaller than mung beans)
    3. Our organic whole hemp seeds have been inactived, so won't be used as generation seeds;
    4. We have our own 330ha...
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  • Organic Hulled/shelled Hemp Seeds

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    Organic Hulled/shelled Hemp Seeds

    1. Our organic hulled/shelled Hemp seeds, is also named white hemp seeds, winter wheat seeds,etc.
    2. It is sweet, flat, non-toxic, can stimulate the intestinal mucosa in medicine usage, making it faster in peristalsis, more incresed in secretion;
    3. It also could...
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  • Organic White Quinoa Cereal

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    Organic White Quinoa Cereal

    1)Quinoa is an alkaline food, eating quinoa can play a role in improving the balance of acid and base in the body, can maintain a healthy physique.
    2)Quinoa belongs to food material of low fat low candy low starch, many Victoria's Secret models like to give priority to...
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  • Organic Shelled hulled Pumpkin Seed

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    Organic Shelled hulled Pumpkin Seed

    1. Pumpkin seeds, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. Seeds of Cucurbita moschata Duch. In autumn, ripe fruits are harvested, seeds are taken out and washed and dried;
    2. Our factory could offer two kinds of pumpkin seeds:
    Dark green
    Snow white
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  • Pumpkin Seed Hulled

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    Pumpkin Seed Hulled

    Pumpkin seed can protect gastric mucosa and aid digestion,prevent diabetes, reduce blood sugar, pumpkin contains rich cobalt, cobalt can activate human metabolism, promote hematopoietic function Read More

  • Organic Hemp Seed

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    Organic Hemp Seed

    1)It contains unsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial to human body
    2)Protect skin to maintain character
    3)Our organic hemp seed is hot-selling,very popular in EU&US markets!!!
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  • Organic White Quinoa

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    Organic White Quinoa

    1. Quinoa seed color is mainly white, black, red and other color systems, the nutritional components are not different, among which white taste is the best, black and red taste is relatively poor, and the grain is smaller.
    2. Food and Agriculture Organization of the...
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  • Organic Flaxseed Extract Powder

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    Organic Flaxseed Extract Powder

    1, Flaxseed extract is a kind of plant ligan most notably found in flaxseed. Secoisolariciresinol diglycoside, or SDG is existed as its main bioactive components.
    2, SDG is classified as a phytoestrogen since it is a plant-derived, nonsteroid compound that possesses...
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  • Organic Black Wolfberry

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    Organic Black Wolfberry

    1, Black Goji has a plenty of Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidi(OPC), it is a kind of natural substance for removing free radicals in the body.
    2, It can slow down aging of the body and cell, and can keep human young and long life.
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  • Hulled Hemp Seeds Organic

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    Hulled Hemp Seeds Organic

    1.Product name: hulled hemp seeds organic.
    2. Origin: China.
    3. Certificate: NOP & EU organic certificates.
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  • Organic Hulled Hemp Seed

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    Organic Hulled Hemp Seed

    1, Hemp seed, as one of the three superfoods, is the new star in the international health food market recently.
    2, Nutrition study in recent years found that hulled hemp seed is an exceptionally rich source of essential trace elements for the human body which contains...
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  • Organic Black Goji Berry

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    Organic Black Goji Berry

    1, Black Goji Berries is know to have powerful antioxidant andanti-aging properties to delays the aging process and helps you to look young.
    2, Black Goji Berries fruit is rich in protein, Goji Berries polysaccharides, amino acids (18), vitamins (13 kinds), minerals,...
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YT Biochem is one of the best organic seeds supplier. We now have organic seeds for sale, welcome to buy our bulk natural products at reasonable price as it can provide you with health benefits.