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Organic Super Greens

YT Biochem’s super greens include organic wheatgrass, barleygrass alfalfa, oatgrass powder and juice powder, and spirulina, chlorella, moringa, and matcha powder. Each of them contains no sweeteners, fillers or additives! Taking our high quality organic super greens will help you to get a great detoxifier, vitamins, nutrients, beta carotenes and so much more.
  • Freeze Dried Apple Rings/dices

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    Freeze Dried Apple Rings/dices

    1. Apple is a low-calorie food that produces 60 kilocalories per 100 grams.
    2. The nutrients in apples are soluble and easily absorbed by human body, so they are called "living water".
    3. It is conducive to dissolving sulphur and making skin smooth and...
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  • Blueberry Powder

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    Blueberry Powder

    1. Blueberry is rich in nutrients, not only rich in conventional nutrients, but also rich in flavonoids and polysaccharides, so it is also known as the "Queen of Fruits" and "King of Berries".
    2. Blueberry fruit has strong medicinal value and nutritional and health...
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  • Green Barley

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    Green Barley

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free Barley Grass Juice Powder
    2.The king of alkaline food
    3.Barley Grass Juice Powder comes from 100% pure Barley Grass
    4.Barley Grass is of a higher nutrition food without any addition, suitable for children, young people and the aged...
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  • Phycocyanin

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    1, Phycocyanin is a pigment from the light-harvesting phycobiliprotein family, along with allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin.
    2, It is an accessory pigment to chlorophyll. All phycobiliproteins are water-soluble and therefore cannot exist within the membrane as do...
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  • Matcha Green Tea Powder

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    Matcha Green Tea Powder

    1. Matcha is rich in essential nutrients and trace elements for human body.
    2.The fresh tea picked was dried by steam method on the same day. Not only is the fragrance special, the color green, the taste is also more delicious.
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  • Barley Grass Juice Powder

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    Barley Grass Juice Powder

    The vitamins, minerals and proteins contained in barley seedlings are essential nutrients for human and animals. Read More

  • Broccoli Vegetable

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    Broccoli Vegetable

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free
    2.Broccoli powder/granule/chopped. It comes from 100% pure broccoli
    3.Broccoli ranks first in nutritional value and disease prevention among the vegetables
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  • Alfalfa Grass

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    Alfalfa Grass

    1.100% organic Alfalfa powder
    2.A spoonful of alfalfa powder is equal to one kilogram of vegetables
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  • Organic Natural Moringa Leaf Powder

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    Organic Natural Moringa Leaf Powder

    Moringa leaf powder is made from selected young moringa oleifera leaves, which are crushed by ultrafine powder. It has the functions of comprehensive nutrition, immunity improvement, detoxification, beauty improvement, bowel benefit and weight loss, etc. Moringa oleifera... Read More

  • Conventional Kale Powder

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    Conventional Kale Powder

    1. Its botanical name is Brassica oleracea var. acephala f. tricolor;
    2. Biennial herbs;
    3. The calcium content is 10%, vitamin A133%, vitamin C134%.
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  • Natural Kale Powder

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    Natural Kale Powder

    Kale is rich in nutrients, including vitamins A, C, B2 and many minerals, especially calcium, iron and potassium.The vitamin C content is very high, reaching 153.6 ~ 220 mg per 100 grams of tender leaves, which is comparable to that of broccoli. Read More

  • Organic Vegetable Green Powder

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    Organic Vegetable Green Powder

    Vegetable powder is dried and dehydrated from vegetable raw materials, then further crushed, or first beaten, then evenly sprayed and dried to form Powdered vegetable granules. Read More

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YT Biochem is one of the best super greens supplier. We now have super greens for sale, welcome to buy our bulk natural products at reasonable price as it can provide you with health benefits.