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barley grass

  • Bio Barley Grass Juice Powder

    Contact NowBio Barley Grass Juice Powder1, Our Organic Barley Grass is one of the most nutrient rich foods in nature. Barley grass is rich in protein and contains 20 amino acids, 12 vitamins and 13 minerals.
    2, The nutrition of barley grass is similar to that of wheatgrass though some prefer the taste. Our organic Barley Grass Juice Powder is an easy way to get the nutrition of this incredible green food.
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  • Wheat Grass Powder Nutrient

    Contact NowWheat Grass Powder Nutrient1.Organic, Vegan and Non GMO
    2.Rich in plant protein, antioxidant enzymes and dietary fiber
    3.Clearing away heat and toxic material in human body
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  • Barley Grass Powder

    Contact NowBarley Grass Powder1. The vitamins, minerals and proteins contained in barley seedlings are essential nutrients for human and animals.
    2. Barley seedling juice is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, folic acid and mineral elements such as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Other components include chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins, cellulose and enzymes.
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  • Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Wheat Grass Juice Powder1. Wheat seedlings are rich in plant protein, chlorophyll, antioxidant enzymes, dietary fiber and other nutrients.
    2. The wheat seedling powder prepared by low temperature drying method is richer in minerals and vitamins than other foods.
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  • Barley Grass Powder Organic

    Contact NowBarley Grass Powder Organic1. High in protein.
    2. Rich in minerals.
    3. Contain cellulose,calcium.
    4. Lose weight.
    5. Beautify skin.
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  • Wheat Grass Powder

    Contact NowWheat Grass Powder1, Wheat Grass Powder has been determined to be one of the most beneficial nutritional supplements ever developed. Supplementing with wheat grass powder may improve energy levels, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the likelihood of certain types of cancer.
    2, But most impressively, Wheat Grass contains nearly all the vitamins, mineral, and nutrients a body needs to maintain good health.
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  • Barley grass powder

    Contact NowBarley grass powderOrganic Barley grass powder is the ultimate in leafy green superfoods for many health-conscious people .Our planting base is located in an unpolluted area of Northern China,entirely pesticide and fertilizer free. The young barley grass are harvested by hand at the very peak of their nutritional potential. After a quick trip to our facility, they are carefully cleaned and hand-sorted, removing any poor quality leaves. At last, fast-dried and crushed into a fine powderunder very low temperatures.Less than an hour passes between harvest to producing the finished powder.Read More

  • Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Barley Grass Juice Powder1.Barley grass is the young soft green shoots before developing barley seeds.
    2.As the earliest grown sweet grass in the world,recently barley grass has been gaining a lot of popularity around the globe for its ability to cure a broad spectrum of diseases.
    3.Our barley grass is harvested at the peak of its nutrition. They are then immediately and carefully juiced and dried under very low temperatures.
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  • Organic Oat Grass Juice Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Oat Grass Juice PowderOrganic oat grass is the young soft green shoots. Our organic oat grass is harvested about 14 days old at the peak of its nutrition. They are then immediately and carefully juiced and dried under very low temperatures. Compared with any other grass juice powders,oat grass has the highest concentration of chlorophyll , and is rich in Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which is the most powerful defenses against harmful free radicals.Read More

  • Organic Wheat Grass Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Wheat Grass PowderWheat grass is rich in chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B, mineral calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, super antioxidant SOD, fiber and beneficial enzymes.Read More