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black quinoa

  • Organic White Quinoa Cereal

    Contact NowOrganic White Quinoa Cereal1)Quinoa is an alkaline food, eating quinoa can play a role in improving the balance of acid and base in the body, can maintain a healthy physique.
    2)Quinoa belongs to food material of low fat low candy low starch, many Victoria's Secret models like to give priority to a meal with quinoa, the effect reducing weight that we could see.
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  • Black Goji Berry Organic

    Contact NowBlack Goji Berry Organic1. Anti-aging.
    2. Skin whitening.
    3. Regulating immunity.
    4. Reduce blood sugar
    5. Anti-cancer.
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  • Black Wolfberry

    Contact NowBlack Wolfberry1.small MOQ 2.100% refund 3.3-5 days delivery time 4 It is at this time that the nutritional content of wheatgrass as at its highest levels. 5.As a nutrient-packed member of the cereal grass family, wheat grass powder is non-gmo and gluten free. 6. Trough freeze-drying, wheatgrass powder with no filler can be widely added in supplement.Read More

  • Black Goji Berry

    Contact NowBlack Goji Berry1. EU and NOP Organic
    2. Vegan
    3. No GMO and Non Gluten
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  • Organic Black Wolfberry

    Contact NowOrganic Black Wolfberry1, Black Goji has a plenty of Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidi(OPC), it is a kind of natural substance for removing free radicals in the body.
    2, It can slow down aging of the body and cell, and can keep human young and long life.
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  • Organic Black Goji Berry

    Contact NowOrganic Black Goji Berry1, Black Goji Berries is know to have powerful antioxidant andanti-aging properties to delays the aging process and helps you to look young.
    2, Black Goji Berries fruit is rich in protein, Goji Berries polysaccharides, amino acids (18), vitamins (13 kinds), minerals, trace elements and other nutrients. Its uniqueness lies its natural procyanidins OPC (Red Goji Berries contains no OPC).
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  • Black Wolfberry Powder

    Contact NowBlack Wolfberry Powder1.No GMO and Non Gluten
    2.Fruit and Pharmaceutical
    3.Anti-aging,beauty skin,lower blood pressure
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  • Black Goji Berry Powder

    Contact NowBlack Goji Berry Powder1, Black goji berry powder contains lycine, carotene, ascorbic acid, linoleic acid and a dozen different of hydrochloric acid such as aspartic acid, glutamic acid, methionine and taurine as well as many trace elements containing to Fe, Zn and Se.
    2, Black goji berry powder has the functions of enhancing and adjusting immunity,improve the cellular immune function for elders.And has the functions of enhancing blood-forming markedly.The Wolfberry seeds can help reduce blood pressure and help anti-fatty liver,also the function of anticancer.
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  • Natural Organic Black Goji Berry

    Contact NowNatural Organic Black Goji Berry1) Black goji berry can replenish blood and calm the nerves, and improve sleep.
    2)Black goji berry can enhance immunity and delay aging
    3)Black goji berry can see clearly
    4)Black goji berry can moisten the lungs cough, slow down aging
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  • Organic White Quinoa

    Contact NowOrganic White Quinoa1. Quinoa seed color is mainly white, black, red and other color systems, the nutritional components are not different, among which white taste is the best, black and red taste is relatively poor, and the grain is smaller.
    2. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations believes that quinoa is a kind of food that can basically meet the basic nutritional needs of human body as a single plant.
    3. Quinoa is officially recommended as the most suitable nutritious food for human beings. The United Nations has declared 2013 the International Year of Quinoa in order to promote human nutritional health and food safety and achieve development goals.
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