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dried goji berries

  • Organic Freeze Dried Banana Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Freeze Dried Banana Powder· High concentration of banana essence.
    · A major source of carbohydrate and calories.
    · A component for production of milk shakes and baby foods.
    · A component for the manufacture of various types of cakes and biscuits.
    Read More

  • Organic Goji Berry powder

    Contact NowOrganic Goji Berry powderOrganic Goji berry is also known as lycium barbarum, goji or wolfberry, one of the most perfect and unique foods; slightly medicinal tasting yet totally delicious, and full of nutrition. Goji Berry powder is extracted from dried goji berries, and the source of our organic Goji powder is from goji berry plants without pesticides or other chemicals, which is quite sweet, and mild in flavor. Because of it’s extremely fine consistency, our organic goji berry powder dissolves instantly in liquids. While traveling you make your own goji berry juice by putting our Lycium Powder in your water bottle.Read More

  • Organic Goji Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Goji PowderNon-GMO, gluten free, kosher certified, diary free, vegan, no filler Our organic goji powder is made from wild goji berries. It is a convenient and potent way to enjoy the great health benefits of this superfood -goji berries. Goji powder can be mixed with water to make goji juice. You can also enjoy this powder with smoothies, teas or drinks for a superior boost of antioxidants and other nutrients. It will help you to enhance the immune system, protect eyesight, and support the liver.Read More

  • organic Freeze Dried Raspberries Powder

    Contact Noworganic Freeze Dried Raspberries PowderNon-GMO organic certification gluten free kosher certified Diary free, vegan, no filler freeze dried raspberry powder is made from dehydrated raspberries, it is a natural and healthy way to introduce extra fruit into the diet, as well as being a natural, safe coloring and flavouring.Read More