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psyllium husk fiber

  • Pea Fiber

    Contact NowPea Fiber1, Pea fibers are produced from the outer layer of the peas and provide a pure, natural source of dietary fiber.
    2, The dietary pea fiber promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria and regulates digestive passage. Due to pea fiber exceptional water-binding capacity and low energy content, it is an excellent ingredient in low energy diets to promote satiety.
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  • Organic Psyllium Husk Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Psyllium Husk Powder1.Organic Psyllium husk is an edible soluble fiber and prebiotic.
    2.It’s often referred to as a bulking fiber because once it is ingested, it expands, forming a gel-like mass by drawing water in from the colon.
    3.It then promotes easy, healthy elimination by sweeping waste out of the colon more quickly and efficiently.
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