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wolfberry fruit

  • Black Wolfberry

    Contact NowBlack Wolfberry1.small MOQ 2.100% refund 3.3-5 days delivery time 4 It is at this time that the nutritional content of wheatgrass as at its highest levels. 5.As a nutrient-packed member of the cereal grass family, wheat grass powder is non-gmo and gluten free. 6. Trough freeze-drying, wheatgrass powder with no filler can be widely added in supplement.Read More

  • Organic Black Wolfberry

    Contact NowOrganic Black Wolfberry1, Black Goji has a plenty of Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidi(OPC), it is a kind of natural substance for removing free radicals in the body.
    2, It can slow down aging of the body and cell, and can keep human young and long life.
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  • Organic Hawthorn Fruit Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Hawthorn Fruit Powder1, Active ingredients found in hawthorn include tannins, flavonoids (such as vitexin, rutin, quercetin, and hyperoside), oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs, such as epicatechin, procyanidin, and particularly procyanidin B-2), flavone-C, triterpene acids (such ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, and crataegolic acid), and phenolic acids (such as caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, and related phenolcarboxylic acids).
    2, Standardization of hawthorn products is based on content of flavonoids (2.2%) and OPCs (18.75%).
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  • Organic kiwi fruit juice powder

    Contact NowOrganic kiwi fruit juice powder1.Organic kiwi fruit juice powder contain a lot of protein, fructose, glucose, sucrose, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium and so on.
    2. It is white as the jade, and it tastes aromatic crisp;
    3.Organic coconut juice is cool and sweet.It is definitely a delicious fruit for all ages.
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  • Chinese Red Jujube Fruit

    Contact NowChinese Red Jujube Fruit1.Organic,Non-GMO
    2.Efficient pumping of blood
    3.Natural Vitamin fruit pills
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  • Noni fruit powder

    Contact NowNoni fruit powderAs the queen of health plants, noni has magic healthy petent. and it provides support for a healthy immune system. Our noni powder contains a unique polysaccharide that promotes normal cell tissue growth.. Noni has been used for many health conditions in the late 20th century. Noni is now widely used and can be found in many supplements, functional foods and cosmetic products.Read More

  • Organic Luohan Monk Fruit Extract Powder

    Contact NowOrganic Luohan Monk Fruit Extract Powder1. Momordica grosvenori glycoside is 300 times sweeter than sucrose, and contains fructose, amino acids, flavonoids, etc.
    2. It does not produce heat and is a valuable raw material in beverage and confectionery industry. It is also the best substitute for sucrose.
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  • Black Wolfberry Powder

    Contact NowBlack Wolfberry Powder1.No GMO and Non Gluten
    2.Fruit and Pharmaceutical
    3.Anti-aging,beauty skin,lower blood pressure
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  • Seabuckthorn fruit (whole, cuts, powder, extract powder, juice powder)

    Contact NowSeabuckthorn fruit (whole, cuts, powder, extract powder, juice powder)Non-GMO, gluten free Seabuckthorn fruit (whole, cuts, powder, extract powder, juice powder) Sea buckthorn berry has been used by herbalists in China for more than 12 centuries to heal various disorders. Sea buckthorn is also used in modern times to enhance both health and beauty. Our Sea Buckthorn Extract is extracted from the fruit pulp of the sea buckthorn plant. High in natural Vitamin C and E, Seabuckthorn P.E can be used as a superior source of vitamins we need as well as for it's nourishing effects in soothing sensitive and easily irritated skin.Read More

  • Organic WolfBerry 280pcs/50grams

    Contact NowOrganic WolfBerry 280pcs/50grams1,Wolfberry is a genus of the nightshade family (Solanaceae), containing about 90 species of plants native throughout much of the temperate and subtropical zones of the world. They are mostly found in dry, semi-saline environments.
    2, The Wolfberry is a precious traditional Chinese medicine and the nutrition food supplement.
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