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  • Benefits of inulin for older
    Nov 12, 2021

    All over the world, the number and proportion of the elderly are gradually increasing.How to delay aging and maintain the health of the elderly is a problem that attracts people's attention in the aging society.

    The difference of individual social status, life experience and physical quality will lead to obvious difference in aging rate.Lifestyle is an important factor affecting the health of the elderly.Eating habits are very important for the elderly to maintain good health.Dietary fibre is an essential part of the diet of the elderly.Among the many choices, inulin is a dietary fiber that is very suitable for the elderly.

    The elderly should consume at least as much dietary fiber as adults.According to dietary guidelines for adults, inulin intake should be close to 30g per day.

    Scientists have shown that the composition of the microbiome in the gut changes significantly as the body ages.In the intestines of the elderly, the number of bifidobacteria is significantly reduced, while the number of Lactobacillus, enterococcus, enterobacter, clostridium increases, which will lead to the increase of pathogens and toxins in the body, and the incidence of cancer is also greatly increased.The number of bifidobacteria in the intestinal tract will increase significantly in the elderly with about 20g inulin daily supplement.For the elderly, inulin intake can also effectively adjust the body's discomfort, prevent the occurrence of disease.



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