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  • Comparison Of Green Tea Powder And Matcha
    Apr 29, 2019

    Differences between matcha and green tea:

    1. Different picking seasons.Green tea is best picked before the qingming festival.But the picking of matcha is delayed until may to extend the growing period of the tea and reduce the bitter polyphenols in the leaves, so the main difference between the finished matcha and green tea is that it has no bitterness at all.

    2. Differences between manufacturing process and processing process.Matcha is hand-ground from steamed green tea, while green tea powder is mechanically ground from stir-fried green tea.Matcha powder has finer particles, while green tea powder has coarser particles.

    3. Different smells.Because the picking is delayed until may, the growth cycle is longer, so it contains more amino acids, and the authentic matcha smells like seaweed, which is fresh.Green tea powder smells like regular tea.

    Drinking matcha:

    Drinking matcha is usually done in the manner of the tea ceremony, which follows a complex set of rules.

    The basic way is to put a little matcha in a bowl, add a little warm (not boiling) water, and whisk for even (traditional chasen).

    In the tea ceremony, "strong tea" USES 4 grams of matcha and 60CC of boiling water, a bit like paste.For "thin tea", use 2 g matcha and add 60CC boiling water.You can brush the thick foam with the chasen, very beautiful and chasen.

    In the current fast-paced society, there will be fewer people drinking tea with chasen, and matcha will be more used for making various exquisite food, and the green matcha food will become green flowers on the table, and will be chased and enjoyed by people.


    In recent decades, people have greatly deepened their understanding of tea and gained a profound understanding of its functional material nature.Today, the toxic and side effects of antibiotics and growth hormones are increasingly questioned, and tea polyphenols have been more and more deeply integrated into people's diet life with their unique biological functions and "green" nature.

    Although ordinary tea contains extremely high nutritional ingredients, only 35% of the tea is actually soluble in water, and a large number of the water-insoluble active ingredients are thrown away as tea leaves.

    Experiments have shown that eating tea provides more nutrients than drinking it. A bowl of matcha contains more than 30 cups of ordinary green tea. Turning tea drinking into tea eating is not only a reform of eating habits, but also the need to adapt to the fast-paced modern life.


    1, warm the bowl: cook the cup together with the chasen and boiled water first.

    2, paste: put 2 grams of matcha into the bowl, first add a small amount of water (a few grams), matcha into paste shape, this can prevent very delicate matcha group phenomenon.

    3, order the tea: brush the chasen back and forth along the bottom of the bowl in a W path, and mix in plenty of air to form a thick foam.

    green tea powder and matcha powder

    if need more information, pls feel free to send email to me dora@ytbiochem.com.

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