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  • DHA algae oil--new health food raw material
    Oct 29, 2021

    DHA algae oil is a new type of food raw material, which uses Schizochytrium as the raw material to produce DHA through fermentation, separation, purification and other processes. 

    In the early days, DHA products were mostly made from deep-sea fish oil (mostly tuna oil) rich in DHA and EPA through molecular distillation. At present, DHA derived from fish oil still occupies the mainstream of the market. In fact, fish convert DHA into the body by ingesting foods rich in Omega-3s. A typical food is seaweed. In order to ensure the quality and purity of the product, many manufacturers have jumped directly over fish, focusing on the seaweed at the bottom of the food chain, so there is algae oil DHA.

    One of the highlights of algae oil DHA is vegetarian food. Plant-derived DHA does not contain cholesterol, and is easier to absorb by the human body. It does not have the inherent fishy smell of fish oi, which meets the needs of clean label products and can cater to people of different dietary cultures. In recent years, the market of algal oil DHA has shown a rapid growth trend. Infant formula is the most important application category, followed by food and beverage, animal feed and nutritional supplements. Omega-3 fatty acid DHA has been confirmed by a number of studies in promoting the development of the central nervous system of infants, and maintaining the health of the eyes and skin of newborns. Therefore, it has become a popular functional nutritional factor in infant products.

    According to the survey, consumers have high recognition of the purity, stability and safety of algae oil DHA, so algae oil DHA can be said to be the future development direction of health food for pregnant women and infants.

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