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  • Do you know Ambergris and Ambroxene?
    Oct 26, 2020

    Ambergris and Ambroxene: Part One

    Ambergris is one of the most precious animal fragrance in the world, it is famous as musk, civetta and castoreum. The durable aroma, good harmony and strong fragrance fixation ability of ambergris grant itself an indispensable and important position in fragrances. Ambergris has now been made into tinctures, mainly used to prepare high-end luxury perfumes.

    Ambergris is a pathological stone formed by incomplete digestion in the sperm whale. After being excreted from the sperm whale, it floats on the sea. Since the sperm whale is on the verge of extinction, the ban on commercial fishing in the world was carried in 1984, the source of ambergris has been lacking. People have conducted a lot of research on its main ingredients and the corresponding structure-activity relationship.

    Studies have found that ambergris is mainly composed of triterpene alcohol ambergris and a series of cholestanols. Among them, ambrein is the main ingredient which does not have the aroma of ambergris, but it is closely related to the aroma and function of ambergris. The composition of natural ambergris has been determined with the advancement of separation, purification, and analysis techniques. Among them, ambroxene, which perfectly reflect the spirit of ambergris, it is the representative of ambergris, one of the highest rated fragrance of synthetic ambergris. The fragrance of ambroxene was described as "soft as silk", with a strong and special ambergris aroma, it is regarded as an excellent fixative. Ambroxene is obtained from perillyl alcohol, an extract of Salvia Sclarea leaf. It is one of the best alternative raw materials for natural ambergris.

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