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  • Do you know how many colorful functional ingredients are available?
    Dec 09, 2020

    Through investigation and research, 93% of food choices are based on vision, and 75% of such judgments are only based on color. Therefore, functional raw materials of different colors play a great role in it !

    How many colorful functional ingredients? 

    1. Red:

    Red fruits and vegetables are "Health experts", most of them contain lycopene, polyphenol pigment, anthocyanins and other natural pigments, with antioxidant effect, but also rich in calcium and iron, can play a certain role in the protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

    1). Astaxanthin - It can be called the strongest antioxidant in nature, Antioxidant capacity is 6000 times of vitamin C and 550 times of common vitamin E;

    2). Beetroot - one of the best food for Women and Vegetarians;

    3). Roselle - High nutritional value, rich in anthocyanins, quercetin, hibiscus glycosides, malic acid, vitamin C, etc;

    4). Lycopene - It is widely used in Health, Cosmetic and Food areas;

    5). Monascus - It is widely used in Health and Food areas;


    2. Green:

    Green products are good for reassure and relieve tension, the effect is doubled when is taken with other foods.

    1). Barley & Wheat grass juice powder;

    2). Matcha powder;

    Matcha powder - YT Biochem

    3. Blue:

    Blue food can make people calm down easily:

    Phycocyanin (Blue spirulina powder; Spirulina extract);

    Phycocyanin  - Spirulina extract - blue spirulina - YT Biochem

    4. Yellow:

    Yellow can stimulate nerves and stimulate energy, to concentrate and improve interest in learning, will make people happy:

    1). Lutein - It is considered to be an eye care nutrient;

    2). Curcumin;

    3). Carotene;

    turmeric powder

    5. Purple:

    Most natural purple foods contain anthocyanins, which have the function of scavenging free radicals and antioxidation:

    1). Elderberry - popular, it can enhance immunity;

    2). Acai berry;

    3). Aronia melanocarpa;

    elderberry powder - YT Biochem

    Besides above ingredients, there are also many others...

    Any inquiries, send email to cindy@ytbiochem.com or Whatsapp/Wechat (+86 13484914978) please. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

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