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  • Does YT Biochem also aupply some Cosmetic ingredients?
    Nov 13, 2020

    In order to make us more competitive in the market, YT Biochem is always searching the good products in the market. Except Food and Feed ingredients, YT Biochem also supply some Cosmetic ingredients:

    1. Ambroxide, CAS: 6790-58-5;

    2. Asiatic acid, CAS: 464-92-6;

    3. Essential oils (Evening primrose oil, Borage oil, Hemp oil);

    4. Phloretin, CAS: 60-82-2;

    5. phlorizin, CAS: 60-81-1;

    6. Ursolic Acid;

    7. Anthocyan;

    8. Nicotinamide;Niacinamide;


    Cosmetic ingredients - YT Biochem

    We know the importance of raw and natural for Cosmetic ingredients, all of our products meet the standard request, especially for the following datas we will mainly notice:

    1. No solvent residue;

    2. Low Ash;

    3. Low Heavy metal;

    4. Low microorganism;

    5. High content;

    Welcome to reach us if any inquries, we will reply you within 24 hours:


    Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 13484914978

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