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  • Effects of hemp kernel
    May 23, 2019

    1. Moistening dryness and relieving constipation: it is used for the elderly patients with deficiency and constipation, often used with angelica sinensis, black sesame, cunyun and other products for moistening bowel and relieving constipation;If the intestine has real heat, can be used with rhubarb, immature bitter orange.

    2, buyi deficiency labor for thirst Yin deficient bowel dryness patients, more and yiqi shengjin drugs used together, in order to nourish Yin deficiency and moistening dryness.

    3. Hemp kernel has the effect of repairing myocardium and has the function of repairing and maintaining the damaged heart

    Effects of hemp kernel:

    1. Effects on cardiovascular system.2g/kg was given in the duodenum, and after half an hour, the blood pressure began to slowly drop, and after two hours, it dropped to about half of the original level, with no significant changes in heart rate and respiration.Normal rats were given 2 g/kg and 10g/kg respectively.Hypertension patients take 5-6 weeks, blood pressure can be reduced, and no adverse reactions.Domestic hemp seed varieties and India produced the same, physiological effects are similar.

    2. Diarrhea.Hemp seed can stimulate bowel mucous membrane, make secrete increases, peristalsis is accelerated, reduce large intestine to absorb moisture, reason has xie xia effect.4, 8g/kg of maren capsule and 4g/kg of maren pill were given by gavage and observed for 12 hours. All of them had laxative effect on mice.Ma ren capsules (1:1, 1:0.5) and ma ren pills (1:1) were injected into the small intestine of toad, and observed for 90 minutes.

    3. Influence on serum cholesterol.Hemp seed has the effect that prevents serum cholesterol to rise apparently


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