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  • Fruits And Their Benefits - 1
    Dec 16, 2016

    We all know that fruits not only provide us with a wealth of dietary fiber, as well as vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients. But only know the basic nutrients about the fruit is not enough, so we recommend the following six kinds of fruit with different effects of fruit as a reference.

    pineapple powder helps digestion and absorption
    Pineapple pulp contains a unique enzyme that breaks down proteins. Therefore, if eating a lot of meat dishes, drinking a cup of water with pineapple powder, digestion and absorption will be well improved.

    freeze dried strawberry powder cultivates patience and supplements vitamins

    Carotenoids contained in Strawberry is an important material in the synthesis of vitamin A , with the role of improving eyesight and nourishing liver. Strawberry has a certain nourishing conditioning effect on the gastrointestinal tract and anemia. In addition to prevent scurvy, strawberry also has a good effect in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. In the body, it can absorb and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals, with anti-cancer effect. Strawberry removes heavy metal ions from the body in a natural and peaceful way. Frequently eating strawberries a healthy effect will happen on women’s skin and hair.

    apple powder helps to maintain beauty and keep beauty
    Apple is rich in carotene, vitamins, iron and other nutrients. It also contains many trace element magnesium. These substances are conducive to skin ruddy, shiny, and supple. Vitamin C can inhibit the formation of melanin, and prevent melanin settled in the human skin.


    Freeze dried banana powder helps maintaining a happy mood
    Eat bananas can help to disperse the pessimistic, irritable mood, keep calm, happy mood for the inner weak, sentimental people. This is mainly because it can increase the content of serotonin substances in the brain, which makes people pleasant. The study found that content of serotonin in depression patients’ brain is less than ordinary people.

    Powdered orange drink stimulates appetite, slakes thirst and moistens lung
    Orange is sweet and sour, with cool nature, and it is effective in stimulating appetite, slaking thirst and moistening lung. Orange has a certain therapeutic effect for dry throat, indigestion, dry cough without sputum, but also it can prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

    Kiwi lowers cholesterol
    Kiwi rich in vitamins A, C, E and the essential trace elements for human body and many other nutrients, in particular, it contains amino acids which can help the body to manufacture hormones, slow down aging, and also prevent carcinogenic nitrosamines generating in the body. In addition, kiwi fruit lowers cholesterol and triglyceride. But kiwi is cold-natured, pregnant mother should eat less.

    We YT (Xi’an) Biochem Co., Ltd supply various fruits powders. If you have any interest, just feel free to contact us info@ytbiochem.com.

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