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  • Hemp Protein Powder
    Sep 24, 2016

    Hemp is a remarkably diverse crop that can be grown for both food and nonfood purposes. Hemp seed possesses many nutritional benefits, which contains all the 21 known amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own and must take from dietary sources.
    The hemp seed is an excellent source of protein.
    Hemp protein is composed of approximately 45 percent oil, 35 percent protein and 10 percent carbohydrates. In addition to its health benefits, hemp is very environmentally friendly, as it can be grown without the use of fungicides, herbicides and pesticides and it efficiently absorbs carbon dioxide.

    Two tablespoons of hemp protein powder can provide around 13-15 grams of protein. Hemp protein is a high quality source of protein due to its high rate of digestibility. The better a protein is digested, the more efficiently it can be used by the body. The digestibility of any given protein is related to the concentrations of its amino acids. What’s so significant about these amino acids? Along with carbohydrates, they are the fuel that muscles burn for energy.

    Use of protein powder is a fairly common practice for athletes as it helps build muscle mass and strength. When choosing a particular powder, you should consider factors such as source and additional nutrients beyond protein. Hemp is a good choice because, as mentioned earlier, it’s a safe plant source. The common method of processing hempseeds also allows some of the minerals, vitamins and polyunsaturated fats found in the hull to be mixed in with the ground final product.

    Power shakes are the intended and common preparation for hemp and other protein powders, such as Pea Protein Powder, Pumpkin Seed Protein, and Brown Rice Protein Powder. There really isn’t one “right” way to make such a drink. The total nutrients will depend on what else you place in the blender along with the powder. If you want more vitamins and minerals for example, additional fresh fruits would be the best way to go. Some people find hemp protein powder to be bitter. So fruits may also improve the taste.

    You can go beyond shakes and just as easily add hemp protein powder in other dishes. You can mix a few scoops in a breakfast porridge of rolled oats or mix it in soup for dinner. This powder is even versatile enough that you can use it as a partial substitute for flour in some baking recipes. You can replace about 25% of the total amount of flour with hemp protein powder.


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