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  • How To Eat Goji Berries?
    Nov 16, 2018

         Soak goji berries in the water to drink can strengthen the body. And experts pointed out that the season is different, the effect of drinking water with goji is different.

         Spring: Those whose eyes are easy to fatigue can use goji to make tea to nourishing yin and improving eyesight. Take appropriate amount of goji, then wash it and put it into a cup. Soak it in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. It has better efficacy to cut goji into two halves before soak it into water.

         Summer: People can drink water with goji to remove liver fire. The best method is boiling the water with goji in the casserole for 30 minutes.

         Autumn: The air in autumn is dry. Take appropriate amount of goji, and next add rice porridge, then boil with small fire. It has good effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness.

         Winter: Take right amount of goji to soak in the baijiu for 7 days before drinking. It can be nourishing Yin to warm.

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