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  • Improve Immune Function: Echinacea
    Feb 02, 2021

    Consumers always pay more attention to their immunity. Also, nutritional and health products related to improving immunity are often sold well. However, people don’t buy such products regularly until they are in poor health or have a fever or a cold, then they release that it is time to strengthen their immune system. In February 2020, the severe world situation caused by the "coronavirus" once again brought people's attention to "immune health".

    Those who has poor immune function (such as the elderly, pregnant women or people with liver and kidney dysfunction) is easier to be infected by the virus. That means under the objective circumstances, individuals with strong immunity are less likely to be infected by the virus.

    Ensure adequate intake of dietary supplements with strong antioxidant capacity like trace elements and vitamins could help strengthen the immune system.


    Echinacea is the most commonly used plant for immune health in Europe and America. More and more studies have shown that echinacea can help prevent upper respiratory tract infections caused by cold and flu, and shorten the course of colds. As an immunomodulator and immune booster, Echinacea is mainly used to prevent diseases by activating different immune cells to improve the function of the body's own immune system. In Germany, echinacea preparations were listed in the 2000 most commonly used prescriptions in 1989, ranking 131st.


    YT Biochem can provide Echinacea extract in bulk order. It is a brown-yellow fine powder, which can be used in health care products, and it could be capsules.

    Email: ellie@ytbiochem.com

    Echinacea-YT Bioichem

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