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  • Inulin Benefits Our Health (1)
    Nov 02, 2018

    Studies have confirmed that inulin has the dual characteristics and functions of oligofructose and soluble dietary fiber, and it is a proliferative factor of probiotics such as bifidobacteria. Also, it is an ideal low-calorie soluble dietary fiber. The good health benefits of inulin have been widely recognized around the world.

    First, inulin can lower blood sugar. According to a survey of patients with hyperglycemia who have been taking inulin continuously finds that inulin can immediately lower the blood sugar level, and many people clearly feel a decrease in blood sugar in a short period of time. 

    Second, inulin can alleviate the symptoms of diabetes. According to investigations by relevant people, inulin has a special effect in treating diabetes. After long-term use of inulin, diabetic patients have no symptoms of “powerlessness”, “the feeling of thirst ". In addition, they feel that the number of times of going to the toilet at night is reduced and the eyes are brighter.

    Third, inulin has a miraculous effect of constipation. Many people who have eaten inulin obviously feel the gastrointestinal function is enhanced, and the stool begins to flow smoothly. At the same time, inulin can enhance the peristaltic ability of the intestines and discharge the odorous gas, thereby restoring the health of the intestines. 

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