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  • Inulin Makes Your Chocolate Less Sugar
    Nov 02, 2020

    With the increase of consumers' health awareness, traditional chocolate consumption has begun to "decline". Natural and healthy concepts have become the core of product innovation and transformation.

    As a sweetener, inulin has 30%-50% sweetness of sucrose. It can be used as a substitute for sugar. When applied to the chocolate, inulin can not only reduce the sugar of the chocolate, but also make it have a good mouthfeel. Of course, it has some good  health effects. As a soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic, it can improve the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and relieve constipation. In terms of weight loss, the dietary fiber contained in inulin can give people a feeling of fullness.

    Adding natural and healthy ingredients to chocolate has become a trend in the future.

    Chocolate--YT BiochemInulin-YT Biochem

    Learn more: https://www.organicherbpowder.com/organic-prebiotics-series/organic-inulin-powder-inulin.html

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