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  • Is Beets Good for Your Skin?
    Mar 19, 2020

    Beet root as a good source of nutrients, has been discovered in ancient times and has been popularly used for many years. Beetroot and its juice benefit people's skin, which may attributes to the great source of vitamins C.  

    And vitamins offer multiple properties so someone consider beets have beneficial effects on skin cell and vitamin C is also used in skin-care products for its oxidation resistance.

    Also, vitamin C can be used in some cosmestic to help in repairing and preventing dry skin and brightening your skin.

    vitamin C can be used in treatment of hyperpigmentation to decrease melanin formation, so some feel vitamin C was contained in beets, they can be used for this.

    In addition to that, because of vitamin properties, people reasonably speculate it may also used in the treatments of conditions like acne and any other fields.  

    As beets is such a healthy food to people's llife, YT Biochem is aim to be best supplier of beet root, beet root juice powder and other products. If you want to know more about beets products, feel free and send inquiry to amy@ytbiochem.com

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