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  • Lycopene-a lifelong nutritional companion
    Nov 08, 2021

    Lycopene is a natural red open chain hydrocarbon carotenoid. The pure product is needle-shaped dark red crystals. Its chemical structure is a linear hydrocarbon composed of 11 conjugated double bonds and 2 non-conjugated double bonds. Compound. Neither humans nor animals can produce lycopene by themselves, and must be supplemented by exogenous intake. The current preparation methods are mainly plant extraction, chemical synthesis and microbial fermentation. Among the carotenoids in human blood, lycopene accounts for 50%, mainly in men's mask pills, adrenal glands and prostate. The storage of lycopene in the human body will decrease with age.

    Lycopene is a functional natural pigment. Studies have found that in addition to improving immunity and antioxidant, lycopene can also prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, prevent the cancerous process of prostate, and effectively reduce pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, Laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer and other cancers are dangerous. It also has obvious effects on delaying aging, preventing and protecting the prostate, improving infertility, anti-radiation, preventing and inhibiting tumors, etc. It is widely used in health care products, cosmetics, food and beverages and other fields. Lycopene is a natural pigment approved by 《GB2760-2014》.

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