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  • Make Breakthroughs in Product Innovation
    Mar 17, 2021

    Sports nutrition, snack functionalization, and probiotics are the three hot trends in 2020. The sports nutrition food market with protein powder and energy bars as the core is growing rapidly, especially when consumers are awakened in sports and health. The regularization of snacks has promoted the upgrading of the industry in the direction of "functionalization". 83% of Chinese consumers said that their choice of snacks reflects their pursuit of a healthy life. At present, the Asia-Pacific market, led by China, is the fastest growing region in the global probiotic market. The domestic awareness of intestinal microecology and probiotics is gradually being opened up.

    With the upgrading of consumption, people's demand for snacks is no longer limited to greedy food. And Snacks are defined as the "fourth meal." Traditional cakes and dried fruits can no longer meet the needs of people and new markets. Consumers have higher expectations and requirements for snacks. They hope that snacks are delicious without gaining weight, no nutrients are added, and they are convenient and ready to eat.

    YT Biochem provides healthy product ingredients, like protein powder, plant extracts, vegetable and fruit freeze-dried powders, and inulin. Food industry can add these natural functional ingredients to their products to enrich the functionality of their products.

    Please feel free to send email to ellie@ytbiochem.com for more products information.

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