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  • Plant protein and Anti-aging (I)
    Jan 21, 2021

    According to WHO data, by 2050, the global population over 60 years old will more than double to 2 billion. In addition, the population over 80 years old is expected to nearly triple to 500 million. With age, people want to stay active, supplementation of nutrients is essential for healthy aging, protein is one of them.

    Generally, after the age of 50, human muscle mass begins to decline at a rate of 1%-2% per year. The key way to prevent massive muscle loss is physical activity and nutritional supplementation.

    In this regard, protein is the most important factor that has been identified and studied. But researchers have found that older people are less efficient at converting dietary protein into new muscles than younger people. Therefore, protein must be optimized in the diet of the elderly.

    The elderly need about 40g of protein per meal to maximize the synthesis rate of muscle protein in the elderly. But from a food point of view, it is equivalent to 1 liter of milk, 5 eggs and 1 salmon steak.

    For fast food enthusiasts, 1.5 liters of soy milk and two cans of chickpeas are enough. But these appetites are a large amount for anyone, especially the elderly with reduced appetite and difficulty swallowing. For this reason, the market demand for easy-to-eat and high-protein beverages is rising. According to data from Innova market insights, from 2015 to 2018, the number of plant protein-based product releases increased by an average of 70% per year.

    The protein we have: Pea/Rice/Brown Rice/Mung bean/Fava bean/Pumpkin seeds/Sunflower seeds/Hemp seeds/Soy bean/

    Feel free to send us email to amy@ytbiochem.com if any interests or question.

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