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  • Plant protien and Anti-aging(III)
    Jan 22, 2021

    Protein is in the mainstream in the aging process, and there are some key nutrients found in plant protein.
    Worth mentioning are Omega-3 fatty acids, which were found in hemp protein, creatine and vitamin D. Dr. Caoileann Murphy also observed HMB, a metabolite of leucine. Some studies have found that HMB supplementation can increase lean body mass and strength in the elderly, but further research is still needed.

    Except high quality hemp seeds protein we can steadily supply, organic soybean protein is also our hot protein product, it is a legume that dose not contain cholesterol and low in saturated fat. It also is one of the only vegetable foods that contains all 9 essential amino acids. It offer other nutrients like fiber, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins.

    In addition, following a specific diet has also proven to be effective in the aging process. A typical diet is the Mediterranean diet. People have found that the Mediterranean diet not only maintains muscle mass and strength, but also promotes cognitive health. Other studies have also shown that this diet is effective in reducing overeating and promoting heart health.
    The healthy aging market is developing rapidly. Many companies are emphasizing the efficacy of functional ingredients for the elderly. The more prominent ingredients include Omega-3 folic acid and MGCPQQ.

    Feel free to send email to amy@ytbiochem.com for more information about our protien.

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