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  • Polysaccharides and Immunity
    Feb 03, 2021

    Polysaccharides are macromolecular compounds that are widely found in the cell membranes or walls of animals, plants and microorganisms. As an important molecule, polysaccharides participate in a variety of life activities. With the rise of immunology, molecular biology and other new disciplines, the complex functions of polysaccharides have been continuously explored and become a research hotspot.


    Polysaccharide has the function of regulating immunity. Polysaccharides have a wide range of biological activities, which are closely related to their immunomagulation activities, such as anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-aging and other biological functions also work through the regulation of immune functions. Polysaccharide is a natural immunomodulatory agent, which has immunomodulatory functions such as protecting immune organs and activating immune cells.

    Lentinan polysaccharide, tremella polysaccharide, poria coco polysaccharide and cordyceps polysaccharide all have immune enhancement effects. It was found that the compound polysaccharide composed of the above polysaccharides in a certain proportion could promote the production of antibodies in animals under immunity and improve maturation of T cells and B cells. The effect of compound polysaccharides is better than that of single polysaccharides.


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     cordyceps sinensis (2)

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