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  • Quinoa is the best,if you only choose one food to survive
    Dec 04, 2018

    Besides high quality protein and carbohydrate, quinoa is also rich in essential mineral elements, and far more than other grains. Studies have found that 100 grams of quinoa per day can meet the needs of mineral elements of the day.


    Pregnant women or infants lack calcium, iron and zinc, quinoa can replace the staple food, its iron content is 10 times of rice, wheat 5 times.

    In terms of nutrition, plant protein is not as easy to be absorbed by human body as animal protein, because the general animal kingdom has complete protein and plant protein is mainly incomplete protein.

    Quinoa has the complete protein of the animal kingdom, protein content of 14-22%, beef protein about 20%, pure milk is about 5%.Quinoa is rich in eight essential amino acids (nine for babies), especially lysine, which grains lack.

    So,if you can only choose one food to survive, quinoa is the best one.

    If you want get good quality quinoa,please contact us.   Email:amy@ytbiochem.com

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