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  • Resveratrol Supplements Demonstrate Beneficial Effects on Blood Sugar
    Apr 02, 2022

    A study from Maastricht in the Netherlands found that taking a 150mg resveratrol supplement daily for six months reduced glycated hemoglobin (HbA1) levels.

    This double-blind controlled study recruited 41 participants and randomly divided them into two groups. The resveratrol group received a resveratrol supplement at a dose of 150 mg per day (once at noon and at night, 75 mg each time). The researchers measured the participants' body weight, blood pressure and related parameters, including liver fat content. Body index, resting energy metabolism, blood pressure, plasma index, physical performance, quality of life and sleep quality, etc.

    The study found that the insulin sensitivity of the two groups was not affected, and there were no significant changes in liver fat consumption, body index, energy metabolism, exercise insurance, and quality of life and sleep. But the glycated hemoglobin level decreased from 37.6mmol/mo1 to 35.8mmol/mo1. Glycated hemoglobin level is a marker of long-term glycemic control, and it reflects the average blood sugar level for three consecutive months.

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