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  • The Amazing health benefits of Alfalfa Grass
    Oct 19, 2016

    Alfalfa Grass contains five kinds of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, ten kinds of minerals and three kinds of plant specific nutrients: 

    Flavonoids can prevent the adverse activities of some hormones, and inhibit the enzyme activities which may cause inflammation. It can also inhibit the proliferation of micro vascular. 

    Phenolic acid has antioxidant properties. It can be regarded as a kind of  antioxidants, can prevent blood clots into the plate, make the blood vessels smoothly, and reduce the occurrence of cardiac vascular disease and atherosclerosis. 

    Carotenoids can protect the eyes, and prevent the degenerative diseases of the eye. It can make the cells mature and differentiation in the human body. In  the prevention of disease, it has been confirmed to prevent cancer recurrence and prevent the occurrence of heart disease in a certain degree. Some carotenoids have been used in patients with cancer to do additional preventive chemotherapy.

    Raw Alfalfa Grass has been used for years in Chinese medicine to support the healing process, and also to keep people swift, healthy and strong. Historically used as an herbal diuretic and laxative, it can naturally support intestinal health. It may be beneficial in supporting a sluggish appetite and calming a general upset stomach.

    Alfalfa Grass is also used to support the body’s detoxification process. It has also been used to a healthy menopausal cycle. Alfalfa Grass is known to be used as an anti-fungal agent and may also be able to eliminate water retention.
    Alfalfa Grass support a healthy heart due to its high nutrient content. It is beneficial to the absorption of protein, fats and carbohydrates. It may also be highly beneficial against both anemia and asthma. The rich amount of vitamins and minerals found in Alfalfa can help with malnutrition from anorexia or other disorders. Alfalfa Grass is high in alkaline and can therefore be used to support healthy PH balance.

    Alfalfa Grass Powder is made by drying the entire grass leaf and then milling it into a fine powder. While Alfalfa Grass Juice Powder is made by first juicing the Alfalfa Grass and removing all of the cellulose so a pure juice concentrate is left. Then the juice is dehydrated into a powder. Both of them can promote overall health and wellness.
    Alfalfa powder is most commonly added to recipes due to its high level of nutritional qualities. Add to baths or body wraps to soothe aching muscles or to relieve swelling of the body. Ingest in teas, smoothies or mix with juice, milk, or yogurt.

    If you like it, contact us info@ytbiochem.com.

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