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  • The benefits of lycopene on human skin
    Nov 12, 2021

    Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. Lycopene is the main pigment of mature tomatoes and is a red carotenoid that does not contain oxygen. Eating more tomatoes can supplement the lycopene needed by the body, improve the antioxidant capacity of one's own skin tissue, enhance the ability of one's own skin immune system, improve skin health, and make the skin elastic and shiny. Tomatoes can be made into tomato powder by spraying or freeze-drying technology. It is an organic vegetable powder with nutrients that can meet the normal needs of humans. Among the carotenoids in human blood, lycopene is the main component, but it is found through investigation that the content of lycopene will decrease with age. So we need to supplement lycopene through daily food. Our company produces spray and freeze-dried vegetable powder. Among them, spray and freeze-dried tomato powder are our best-selling products. We have our own vegetable planting base. We do not add any fertilizers and pesticides during the tomato growth process. It is a natural organic non-GMO product. Please feel free to buy. Our company also produces plant protein powder, plant extracts, etc. Please contact us if you are interested.


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