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  • The health effects of elderberry (II)
    Mar 03, 2021

    The antioxidant activity of elderberry

    The effective ingredients of elderberry are mainly composed of anthocyanins, flavanols and vitamins. Anthocyanins are mainly cyanoside-3-glucoside and cyanoside-3-tribioside. Flavanols are mainly composed of quercetin and rutin. Vitamins include natural vitamin C and vitamin A.

    According to data from the National Nutrition Database of the United States Department of Agriculture, the average content of anthocyanins in elderberry is 485mg/100g, the average content of flavanols is 32.8mg/100g, and the average content of natural vitamin C is 36ml/100g.

    An in vivo experiment in rats showed that compared with the control group, the experimental rats that had long-term consumption of elderberry had significantly enhanced resistance to colitis, and their oxidative stress levels were relatively low. This is due to the role of anthocyanins in elderberries. The anthocyanins of elderberries can prevent the oxidative stress caused by viral infections, thereby benefiting people to recover from infections. Studies have also shown that even using elderberry with low content of anthocyanins can effectively scavenge free radicals.

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