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  • Tremella Polysaccharide’s Good Functions in Cosmetic Industry(Ⅰ)
    Jan 07, 2021

    Tremella polysaccharide is the essence of Tremella. It belongs to macromolecular polysaccharides. It has a unique spatial network structure. The polysaccharide structure is based on mannose, and its side chains are xylose, fucose, glucuronic acid, and glucose. The highest molecule can reach more than 3 million daltons. It is a cosmetic ingredient with multiple functions that can be taken or use externally.

    Scientific research shows that Tremella polysaccharides can replenish endogenous hyaluronic acid and help the skin lock more moisture.

    Tremella has been the great product of nourishing skin in the palace since ancient times, and it has an unshakable historical position and recognition in the beauty industry. The lasting hydration of the surface skin relies on the absorption of moisture from the bottom of the skin, which is transported from the basal layer to the superficial layer.

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