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  • Tremella Polysaccharide’s Good Functions in Cosmetic Industry(Ⅱ)
    Jan 07, 2021

    Tremella polysaccharide can awaken cell vitality and resist oxidation.

    Scientist Denham Harman proposed the free radical theory of aging in 1956, and believed that the aging process is caused by the harmful effects of free radicals generated during the normal metabolism of cells. Free radicals can oxidize a variety of substances in cells. Excessive oxidation will accelerate aging and disease; cause inflammation and autoimmune reactions, which will be bad for your health. Excessive oxidation will create pigmentation and color spot of skin.

    Studies have shown that Tremella polysaccharide can increase the SOD enzyme activity of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, reduce the content of cell lipid peroxide MDA, and can reduce the level of reactive oxygen species in cells. It has a certain antioxidant effect.

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