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  • What are the benefits of barley grass powder?
    Apr 08, 2019


    Barley grass powder contains a variety of natural nutrients, such as chlorophyll, carotene, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and cellulose. Also, barley grass powder is easily absorbed by the body.

    Here are some benefits of barley grass powder. 

    1. Treatment of constipation. According to medical research, barley grass powder is rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber has been listed as the “seventh largest nutrient”. Dietary fiber has a variety of physiological effects, and its main effect is laxative.

    2. Barley grass powder is rich in antioxidant enzyme---Pre-SOD, which can be converted into effective SOD in human body. The antioxidant enzyme SOD can help eliminate free radicals in the human body.

    3. Helps lose weight. Using barley grass powder can balance the body's pH value (pH value), making weight loss smoother and easier. Barley grass powder is a good helper for your weight loss, because the content and ratio of various nutrients in barley seedling powder are almost perfect.

    4. In addition, barley grass powder also contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin A, B group (including B12 and folic acid), vitamins C, E. There are also a lot of minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

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