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  • What are the benefits of dragon fruit?
    May 08, 2019

    Dragon fruit is rich in nutrition and it benefits our health a lot. Here are some its main benefits.

    1. The anthocyanin content in dragon fruit is high. Anthocyanin is an effective antioxidant that can effectively prevent hardening of blood vessels, thus preventing heart attacks caused by heart attack and blood clot formation; it can also fight free radicals and effectively fight aging.
    2. Dragon fruit is rich in phyto-albumin, which is rare in common fruits and vegetables. This active albumin will automatically bind to heavy metal ions in the human body and be excreted through the excretory system to detoxify. In addition, albumin also has a protective effect on the stomach wall.
    3. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C and rich in water-soluble dietary fiber that can lose weight, lower blood sugar, moisten the intestine.
    4. The iron content in dragon fruit is higher than that of ordinary fruit. Iron is an indispensable element for making hemoglobin and other iron substances. Ingesting proper amount of iron can also prevent anemia.

    YT Biochem can provide you freeze dried dragon fruit powder. If you have some interests, pls feel free to contact ellie@ytbiochem.com

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