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  • What are the health benefits from Moringa?
    Mar 28, 2019

    1. Rich in nutrition.

    Moringa leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and so on.

    2. Contain Large amounts of antioxidants.

    Moringa leaves are rich in antioxidants and contain vitamin C, Β-carotene, quercetin and chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to slow the absorption of sugar by cells, and animal studies have shown that it can lower blood sugar levels.

    3. Reduce blood sugar levels.

     One study found that if a woman took 7 grams of Moringa leaf powder daily, her fasting blood glucose level dropped by 13.5% after taking it for three months.

    Separate studies have also shown that blood glucose levels have slowed by 21% after adding 50 grams of Moringa leaves to the diet of diabetic patients.

    4. Relieve inflammation.

    The isothiocyanates, flavonoids and phenolic acids in Moringa oleifera are also have the effect on anti-inflammatory.


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