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  • What is the basic specification of Inulin?
    Nov 03, 2020

    Inulin is a normal and popular sweetener around the world. For consumers, the important thing is its healthy and good taste features. But for Purchaser, especially the bulk order, you must know the detail specification.

    Inulin content is morn than 90%. White color. Water solubility is very good. The total plate count is less than 5000cfu/g. Actually, most result is very low, even less than 100cfu/g. Yeast and mold are less than 50cfu/g. Arsenic is less than 0.2mg/kg. Lead is less than 0.2mg/kg. Cadmium is less than 0.1mg/kg. Mercury is less than 0.1mg/kg. Moisture is less than 4.5g/100g. Ash is less than 0.2g/100g.

    Except the above information, you need to know inulin origin- Chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, and Agave. China has very competitive price of Jerusalem artichoke inulin powder, organic quality is available.

    Inulin-YT Biochem

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