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  • Where is our spirulina from?
    Oct 21, 2020

    Our spirulina powder comes from Ordos, a city in Northern China. Ordos is located at 40 degrees north latitude and 110 degrees east longitude. The sunlight is abundant.


    Due to the low degree of urbanization and the sparse population, the air and water pollution lead by modern industries have not spread to here. Covered by a large-area of grassland, there is a large storage of natural groundwater. As early as 2012, Ordos had been proven that the total amount of groundwater replenishment resources in the basin was 10.5 billion cubic meters per year. The spirulina base of our factory was established in there and algae here is nourished by the clean outdoor air and water rich in minerals. The dark green spirulina are rich in nutrients and was regarded as a green and healthy food with high protein content and various trace elements, which can be easily absorbed by the human body. It is an ideal supplement for humans.

    For more nutritional facts,sample and quotation about spirulina powder please feel free to contact sales manager amy@ytbiochem.com Whatsapp/Mobile:+8615122480570

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