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  • YT (XI'AN) Biochem Co., Ltd
  • Add: Room 3004, No. 2 Building, No. 78 Keji Road, Gaoxin District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, PR China
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  • Which kind of fruit powder is suitable for you?
    Jan 12, 2021

    We are specialized in doing each product we have, including Fruit Powders, you can get various specialized products from us !


    Our fruit powders are mainly in two types:

    1. Spray dried: 
    advantages: cheap & easy soluble & less hygroscopic (because the sugar in it is less);
    shortcoming: color and taste are not same as the fresh fruit, taste is similar, for color, some of them should have

    much difference than the fresh fruit;

    2. Freeze dried: totally pure without any additive;
    advantages: color and taste are same as the fresh fruit; totally pure;
    shortcoming: a little expensive & easy hygroscopic (because it is produced directly from the fresh fruit without 
    any additive, so the sugar in it is nearly same as the fresh fruit);

    Cranberry powder in water - YT Biochem

    Our hot fruit powders are as follows:


    1. Strawberry powder;

    2. Raspberry powder;

    3. Elderberry powder;

    4. Blueberry powder;

    5. Pineapple powder;

    6. Banana powder;

    7. Apple powder;

    8. Coconut powder;

    9. Tahitian lime powder (sour & sweet & refreshing taste - our R&D dept. makes);


    We also can supply mixed for your choice, before we do this, we have compared many elements with other lots of competitors, like taste, color, smell and others, so the final product we supply to you will be the best one, you can choose the most suitable type for your choice.

    Welcome to reach if you are interested, and if you have special prefer, like: more sour or sweet, you also can let me know in advance, we can discuss the details then.

    Fruit powder - YT Biochem

    Any inquiries, pls kindly send email to cindy@ytbiochem.com or Whatsapp/Wechat (+86 13484914978). We will get back to you within 12 hours.

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