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  • Why more and more people eat rice protein powder?
    Dec 07, 2018

    We believe many people are familiar with protein powder, right?Whether for lu iron party every day in the gym, fitness guru, or sedentary office white-collar women, even in school, children are very suitable for timely supplement nutrition elements, protein, is a kind of indispensable material in life, without it, life can be a problem, it is necessary to supplement protein and on time.Protein powder is divided into rice protein powder, soybean protein powder, animal protein powder.

    In fact, of the three types of protein powders, rice protein powders are safer and more effective than rice protein powders. Why?This is because rice protein, as a good nutritional protein, has a function similar to casein, and the composition of amino acids is more reasonable. In addition, the lysine contained in rice protein is higher than that in other grains. As a low-allergenic protein, rice protein does not contain anti-nutritional factors, so it is more suitable for sensitive people to eat.


    China is a large rice production country with rich rice resources, which provides a foundation for the development and utilization of rice protein powder. The future market in China is immeasurable!

    We are the manufature product the good quality rice protein,and also cooperate price.So don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested with our rice protein.Email:amy@ytbiochem.com

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