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  • Why wheatgrass powder is beneficial to your teeth?
    Oct 22, 2020

    Why wheatgrass powder is good for your teeth?

    After meal, the food residues on the teeth will be metabolized by bacteria to produce lactic acid, which will corrode tooth enamel. This is how tooth decay is caused. Who doesn't want to have a healthy tooth which grant your smile beauty and confident. So why is wheat grass powder good for teeth?

    This is inseparable from the rich nutrition of wheat grass powder. It is rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and other microelement. Wheat grass powder has been studied that can eliminate inflammation, antibacterial effects, also can help neutralize toxins in the body. The ability to eliminate harmful bacteria and neutralize bacteria makes it possible to prevent tooth decay and toothache. Put the wheatgrass powder in water and drink, let it stay in the mouth for a while, which helps reduce tooth decay and eliminate bad breath. The chlorophyll and vitamins in wheatgrass powder are natural antioxidants that help to slow down periodontal diseases, while the vitamin E in wheat grass powder can help fight gum inflammation.

    Our wheat grass powder base has 40 hectares, and every year we produce EU standard organic wheat grass powder for all over the world.

    For any information about our product specifications and nutrition list, please contact Sales manager amy@ytbiochem.com Whatsapp/Mobile:+8615122480570


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