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  • Yeast Protein--a sustainable high quality alternative protein
    Oct 22, 2021

    As vegetarianism has become a new healthy lifestyle, plant-based protein have become the focus of the market, such as pea protein, soy protein and wheat protein. Their advantage is low carbon emissions, but there are problems of pollution and waste in soil and water sources.

    Yeast is a microorganism that is naturally present in the environment, it is produced by fermentation. In its natural state, yeast is rich in proteins (49% protein on a dry matter basis). Through concentration of these proteins, a protein concentrate is obtained with a minimum of 75% protein. Yeast protein has a variety of physiological properties, high content of branched chain amino acids, high digestibility and utilization, non-GMO, non-animal origin and gluten-free. The ratio of amino acids in yeast is close to the ideal amino acid composition value recommended by FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization), so its nutritional value is high. Yeast protein can be used in health areas such as sports nutrition and weight management. In addition, in the current hot artificial meat field, the raw material can replace other proteins, while giving the raw material a meaty taste.

    As a unique microbial protein, yeast protein not only has the similar nutritional value of animal protein, but also avoids the challenges of genetic modification and land resource shortage caused by plant protein, and the production speed is not affected by seasons, climate and other issues. It is a good choice for new alternative protein.

    yeast protein

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