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  • 3 Benefits Of Hemp Oil
    Jun 18, 2019

    Scavenging free radicals

    Medical research points out that: human in extreme adverse emotions, such as anger, tension, fear, will produce free radicals.In modern life, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, electromagnetic waves, carcinogens, alcohol, some drugs and pollutants also lead to the production of free radicals.Free radicals can cause more than 70 diseases, including arteriosclerosis, stroke, heart disease, cataracts, diabetes, and cancer.Radical scavenging is urgent.

    Improved memory

    The final metabolites of essential fatty acids are EPA and DHA, which are important components of nerve cell membranes. DHA is abundant in brain nerve cells and is essential for brain formation and IQ development.Sesame oil contains the highest amount of essential fatty acids in humans.

    Improve intestinal function

    Sesame oil can improve constipation;Maintain healthy skin: it contains a-linolenic acid that overpowers an overactive immune system, suppresses allergic reactions, and has anti-inflammatory effects.


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